• Diary of An Anxious Mom

    Coming from a family with hereditary depression and anxiety (literally, practically every female for four generations has had symptoms on a varying scale), it came as no surprise to me that I was the “1”. An anxious mom. As in “1 in 7 new moms will be affected by Postpartum Depression and/or Anxiety,”. I am an anxious mom. My Postpartum Anxiety (PPA) went undiagnosed for many months. The day I knew this was not normal, that I really needed to reach out for help, was the day that I called out of work because I LITERALLY could not get myself and my baby girl out the door. The world inside…

  • Diary of An Anxious Mom: Part Two

    I was speaking to a group of expectant parents and asked them to describe childbirth in one word. One of the fathers-to-be said “worrisome”. As an anxious mom myself, I wanted to make sure we circled back to that. After much discussion, we got to the core of his word. What he really meant was "fear of the things he couldn’t control". As a group, we continued to discuss this topic…this lack of control…as it applied to childbirth. But we also discussed it in terms of parenting and life in general. I shared a story with the group and now, I'd like to share it with you.

  • Kids In the Kitchen: Turn Meal Prep Into Family Time

    Whether your infant is just starting to get excited about the world around them, of your school-age child is asserting their independence, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a great place to connect as a family. Check out the age-appropriate tasks that you can safely assign to your kids in the kitchen and the developmental milestones they reinforce.

  • Be Prepared For the Most Common Tests During Pregnancy

    You have just peed on a stick (or two or twenty) and gotten that life-changing news that you are pregnant. Rest assured…this is just the first test in a long line of tests during pregnancy (screenings and diagnostics). First of all, let’s understand the difference here. Screening tests gauge risk factors for certain issues. Diagnostic tests confirm or deny the presence of those issues. Many of the tests early in pregnancy are the less invasive screenings. If those results warrant further investigation, you will be sent for the, usually, more invasive diagnostic tests. I know this is overwhelming. You are probably still trying to wrap your head around the fact…

  • Moving for Joy

    Interview with Hally Paulson - the creator of Joyfully FIt - whose take on health and fitness has COMPLETELY transformed my mindset and life. I can't wait for you to meet her! Links to the video interview on YouTube are at the top of the article. The body of this article is a transcript of the interview for you to read. Coupon code at the bottom!

  • Feel Empowered by Your Postpartum Body

    When my daughter was about a month old, I had barely adjusted to my new role as a Mama, never mind my postpartum body. I was exhausted, overwhelmed. I felt like a stranger in my own postpartum body. Then I read the most inspirational blog post to ever come across my computer screen..."You're a Goddamned Tiger Who Has Earned Her Stripes". This is what I want you to hear, to remember, to be inspired by...You are incredible. This new you is a miracle. Your new body is beautiful. You've got this Mama!