A Realistic Birth Plan Template: Creating the Vision For Your Labor and Birth

A Realistic Birth Plan Template: Creating the Vision For Your Labor and Birth

Birth plans are for everyone! Use these tips (and the FREE PDF) to create a plan that works for you…a common goal for everyone to work towards.

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, yet anxiety-ridden moments of your life! This ultimate hospital bag checklist is comprehensive for labor, Mom, Coach and baby.

Self-Love Challenge: 10 Quick and Simple Ideas for Practicing Self-Care as A Busy Mom

I always say “Our kiddos are watching”. And it’s the truth. Whether we know it or not, we are modeling behaviors for them every minute of every day. Tough love moment. Are you modeling self-love and self-care? For many of you, the answer is No. If you feel guilty about taking time out of your day (which you shouldn’t, but I get why you do) then think about taking that time to model good habits for your kids. Show them what positive self-talk, self-love and self-care look like. Show them how important it is to take of yourself FIRST…after all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

How to Connect With Your Kids

Before I was a Mama, I would daydream about the connection I would have with my kids…laughing, playing, singing and dancing, having fun…then reality hit. I found out it is hard work to connect with your kids. Can you relate Mama? I’m sure you can. Sometimes our best intentions are overtaken by the lack of sleep, lack of patience and overwhelming to-do list. I’m here for you Mama…here are six areas of your parenting life to focus in if you really want to reboot your relationship and start to connect with your kids.

Reducing Frustration At Any Age

I have a hard time, as an adult, defining and dealing with emotions. One of the common emotions we feel (as humans) is frustration. Reducing frustration is certainly a learned skill! What exactly IS frustration? Here’s the definition: the feeling of being upset or annoyed, […]

Grocery Shopping on A Budget: Feeding Your Family For Less

Grocery Shopping on A Budget: Feeding Your Family For Less

Food is expensive and sometimes it seems IMPOSSIBLE to feed your family on a budget and still put healthy meals on the table. But…it can be done!!! Use these five steps to feed your family healthy meals no matter what your budget is!

How to Raise Financially Savvy Kids

Who among us hasn’t made a money mistake? Who hasn’t said, “Wow, I wish I knew that 20 years ago!” Or, “I wish I would’ve been taught this stuff in high school!” We all want our kids to have better lives than we did and wish they could learn from our mistakes. Be financially savvy kids.

Whether you’re just now getting your finances on track, you’ve been doing it for years, or you’re not sure yourself how to navigate them, keep reading for how you can raise your kids to be financially responsible, starting as young as 3 years old. There are only four things we can do with money. We can earn it, give it, spend it or save it. That’s it. Teaching our kids about all four of these activities is critical to them learning how to handle money wisely and with intention. These habits are all things that must be learned. So below, we’ll focus on those behaviors and how you can teach them to your children.

Car Seat Safety Tips

In this post you’ll learn how to choose the right seat for your child, when to progress them to the next stage, common mistakes and safety tips for winter. By the end of this post, you’ll be a car seat safety pro helping all your Mama friends. After all, sharing is caring!

Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

The gifts that mean the most are the ones that come from the heart. The ones that make you feel special. Non-toy gifts that help make memories…not the stuff that accumulates in our living room. But I do want you to be inspired to give from the heart and make memories…so whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or just because, here’s a list of non-toy gift ideas to help you do just that!

Diary of An Anxious Mom

Coming from a family with hereditary depression and anxiety (literally, practically every female for four generations has had symptoms on a varying scale), it came as no surprise to me that I was the “1”. An anxious mom. As in “1 in 7 new moms […]